verwacht mei 2019


Ouders Grootouders Overgrootouders Overovergrootouders
  • Almanza Matchless Masterpiece
Toffedreams Day Delivery
CH. Quills Noble Intentions
CH. Quills Not for Sale
Quills Walk Right In
CH. O'Flanagan Hall Andan
CH. Toffedreams Costa Nada
Camwood Hip-Hip-Hurray
CH. Mirax More or Less
CH. Whizzbang's Hit or Miss
CH. Almanza Quite the Thing
CH. Almanza Sweet Georgia Brown
Mirax Tough Enough
CH. Söklustens Lotus Elite
SEVCH. Mirax Page One Stuff
  • CH. Flat Castle's Exi She is a Rebel
CH. Flat Garden's Sigfred XVIII
Black Mica's That's Priceless
CH. Branchalwood Aylancoll
CH. Black Mica's That's for Sure
CH. Flat Garden's Mathilde IX
CH. Caci's Hell of a Lot
Flat Garden's Astrid VII
CH. Grousemoor Green Day
CH. Grousemoor Frozen in Time
CH. Torwood Peerless
CH. Tavion Fly Away Home
CH. Grousemoor Midori
CH. Grousemoor Jam Dandy
CH. Westering Holy and Ivy